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Supreme Court ruled in June 2013 against a similar Arizona law that required documentary proof of citizenship when registering to vote in a federal election. There are 18 states that have more lenient voter registration laws than Connecticut and do not require any documentation at all, according to the National Conference of State Legislatures website. Harris says voter registration is not the only area in which the state relies on the word of an applicant. People attest to the truth when they file their federal tax returns or take an oath before testifying in court. Its not just registering to vote, he says. There are many parts of the legal system where we dont require proof. Gallahue says state government is hesitant to interview skills online make voter registration too burdensome because doing so could dissuade people from registering. Nevertheless, he adds, anyone can challenge anyone elses eligibility on Election Day by bringing discrepancies to the attention of poll workers. There is a role for everyone in safeguarding the integrity of our elections, Gallahue says. For example, who is registered and whether they voted is public information, available to everyone. no data Despite the possibility that someone can lie about citizenship on a registration form, there have been only a handful of confirmed cases of voter fraud in the state in nearly 40 years.

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